"Oi, name's Catrina McDowell. Some people know me as the personification of the Nation Scotland. Don't let the pretty face fool ya, Ah'm older than ye most like. Got something ya want ta say?

Relationship: Taken by a Engaged to a Viking Prince

//This is an OC Female Scotland in the Hetalia Universe. I will roleplay with anyone, you need only ask. I write in a semi-paragraph/semi-novella form usually, and I don't follow personal blogs back.

Face Claim: Deborah Ann Woll.

M!A: None


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    Still a good explanation for someone who missed a lot in the fandom.
  3. kingofscandinavia said: 2P is just what the fans have called the alternate colorings that Hima did of some of his characters, like Germany and then Germany with the tank top and scars is the “2P” since the second player in a video game has to usually choose the alt coloring